The City has identified the increased risk associated with shoreline and overland flooding due to record high Lake St. Clair and Detroit River water levels. The Sewer and Coastal Flood Protection Master Plan, Weathering the Storm, aims to reduce these impacts and help prevent the risk of basement, over-land, and coastal flooding. It outlines several short and long-term solutions that will be implemented within private properties and the City’s right-of-way to improve our local infrastructure, build resilience, and mitigate against storm & flooding events.

The improvements outlined in the plan have already begun. The City of Windsor has received funding through the Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund to complete the storm system improvements. For more information about the City of Windsor’s effort to mitigate flooding and improve our sewer lines, please visit:

To track the latest infrastructure developments and repairs, including sewer and flood prevention projects, please visit the City of Windsor’s Building Windsor’s Future Investments Map. The investment projects outlined will help modernize our infrastructure, improve our environment and our quality of life, and position us to compete in the global economy.