The City of Windsor is working to ensure our transit system can more effectively serve our community. To do this, we are looking at the changing needs of our city and understanding how to better connect people to school, work, and services. We are looking at how transit can support the healthy growth and development of our neighbourhoods. We are looking at more than transit.

The More Than Transit Master Plan is our 8-year road map to modernize public transit. The plan contains short-to-long-term actions for Transit Windsor. It focuses on three key priorities: modern mobility, customer focus, and livable communities. Its priorities are summarized below:

Modern Mobility

This refers to the modernization of transit systems through new technologies such as implementation of on-demand mobility, phone apps, continued implementation of electronic transit card system and mobile ticketing, etc. 

Customer Focus

This priority looks at emphasizing the role of transit as a service to residents, putting the transit rider first, and optimizing the overall experience for transit passengers.

Liveable Communities

Liveable communities speak to both the health of community residents and to optimizing the synergy between transit and land use to create sustainable, vibrant, active, connected, and accessible communities.

The actions and recommendations contained in this master plan outline a solid, innovative, forward-thinking strategy for Transit Windsor to better serve the needs of our evolving community over the course of the next decade.