The Environmental Master Plan (EMP) aims to make the City of Windsor cleaner, greener, healthier, and more sustainable. The EMP reflects the City’s commitment to enhancing environmental performance and facilitating social well-being and economic prosperity. 

The EMP further considers the impacts of climate change and the health of the Windsor community. The plan has an integrated approach to recognizing the connections between the environment, economy, and society.

 The purpose of the EMP is to set out a series of actions for the City to take, over the short and long term, to improve the city’s environment. Most of the actions suggested in the EMP relate to the corporation’s activities and operations. The EMP was developed to focus on the City’s operations so that the City of Windsor may lead by example for residents, industry, and stakeholders.

A key component of the updated plan is the consideration of climate change and its impacts on the residents of Windsor. Impacts such as more extreme and unpredictable weather conditions and an increase in vector-borne diseases place the health and well-being of the community in jeopardy. Recognizing the changing climate and the consequent changes in social, economic, and environmental context is key to coping with and conquering the challenges posed by this adverse and undesirable phenomenon. The EMP is implemented alongside many other City of Windsor Plans including our Climate Change Adaptation Plan and Community Energy Plan.