Windsor residents move around our city in many ways – walking, biking, skateboarding, riding the bus, driving, carpooling – the list goes on. The City of Windsor is committed to improving walking, biking, transit, and other active mobility options through Walk Wheel Windsor – our Active Transportation Master Plan. This plan sets the foundation for developing well-connected, attractive active transportation networks that are safe, convenient, and user-friendly.

The Walk Wheel Windsor team has developed a vision along with policies and actions to guide the development of safe, attractive, and convenient active transportation options for people of all ages and abilities over the next 20 years:


“By 2041, Windsor is a leader in active transportation. Walking, cycling, and transit are safe, convenient, and enjoyable mobility options for all residents and visitors, regardless of age, ability, trip purpose, or time of year. Active transportation connects Windsor’s local and regional communities, contributing to a resilient, equitable, and healthy city with a high quality of life for Windsor residents”

This vision statement for Windsor sets the overall direction of the Plan, its goals and targets, as well as the directions and actions that will be developed as part of this process.