Each year, the City of Windsor budget outlines both the operating and capital expenditures for the corporation. 

The 2021 Budget focuses on significant investments in the city, including investments in transit, road and sewer enhancement, bicycle infrastructure, recreation and culture programs, and parks. This budget, prepared during the COVID-19 global pandemic, responds to unique challenges, provides opportunities, and capitalizes on our strengths.

The 2021 Budget invests more than $270 million — or 31% of the operating budget — toward community development, housing & health services. This plan aligns with our goals to keep Windsor as a safe, healthy, affordable, and inclusive place to call home.

The budget also invests $111.2 million ($93.8 million from municipal taxes) in police services to ensure Windsor Police are well-equipped and fully resourced to keep our community safe and welcoming.

It prioritizes the increased investments toward improving the efficiency and resilience of our sewer system and invests $50.5 million to improve this sewer infrastructure.

$170 million is being invested in major improvements to our roads, sewers, parks, and transportation. 

In the last 4 years, the taxpayer funded operating subsidy has increased by 40%. Our proposed budget calls for more than $21 million to help run Transit Windsor services in 2021.

In the budget’s entirety, it calls for $8 million in savings, $10 million in new spending, $1.6 billion on local infrastructure, and a net 0% increase in the municipal tax rate.

The Asset Management Plan (AMP) also contributes an additional $4.8 million from 2020 to 2026 to ensure services like roads, sewers, parks, and facilities receive the proper maintenance to remain sustainable.