Border communities like Windsor are unique, many of our residents have family on both sides of the Detroit River. Those families have been separated for more than 20 months and when the border finally reopened, the need for a negative PCR test limited the ability of many to make the trip. Adherence to Public Health measures is critical to keeping case counts low and limiting the potential for community spread, but allowing Canadians to cross the border, visit with family and return without a PCR test is fair, reasonable and compassionate.

Last Friday, the Border City Mayor’s Caucus held a meeting with Canada’s new Minister of Public Safety Marco Mendicino and that table was unanimous in our advocacy to end the current policy requiring a PCR test to return to Canada from the United States.  As many are aware, Minister Mendicino attended Law School at the University of Windsor and it’s clear that he understands border Cities and the connections that our region has to Detroit.

As we continue to re-open gradually, it is important for us to respond with common sense policies that help reduce risk while also appreciating the realities on the ground – this announcement moves us in that direction.