In July 2019, I booked a trip to Jordan with family members.  When we left Canada, there was a quarantine in northern Italy while China and South Korea continued to deal with the respective issues in their countries.  Over the past few days, global circumstances have changed dramatically such that we have been concerned about our ability to return to Canada in a timely manner.  Our efforts to return early have been futile as flights from Jordan are all full since this country announced the cancellation of all flights effective March 17.

In the past few days, the WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic, President Trump declared a state of emergency and restricted all flights from Europe.  Our own Prime Minister has self-isolated as a result of his wife contracting the virus and restrictions are being implemented at Canadian airports.  The stock market has seen incredible drops and, yes, many are hoarding toilet paper and food.  None of this was reasonably foreseen when we left Windsor.

As circumstances surrounding public health grew rapidly over the past few days I have been in constant contact with City of Windsor staff and public health officials to determine and direct the most appropriate municipal response.  We have relied on the best advice of our Municipal Officer of Health as well as the advice of other medical professionals at both the federal and provincial levels.

New rules that went into place today now require my family and I to self-isolate for 14 days upon our return.

Although I (and my family) feel great and have no symptoms of any illness I will certainly follow the best advice of our medical professionals.  Those who are travelling outside of Canada should follow the same protocols so that, together, we limit the possibility of spreading this virus.  I will continue to be actively engaged in all facets of this matter moving forward.  My family and I appreciate your understanding during this challenging time.

-Mayor Drew Dilkens