May 26th, 2023

I am deeply concerned with the lack of progress in reaching an agreement between the Federal Government and Stellantis/LG, which now puts the entire NextStar Energy EV plant in Windsor at risk. Each passing day increases the likelihood that Windsor, its workers, residents, and businesses will not receive the commitments made to them.

I urge all residents to join me in advocating for the resumption of construction for all facilities at the NextStar Energy EV battery plant. This includes the module, battery cell, and research and development commitments that were promised to us. It is unacceptable for Windsor to be shortchanged or forced to accept a scaled-down version due to unfulfilled promises by the Federal Government.

The City of Windsor has already fulfilled its commitment to provide the necessary financial support for land assembly and servicing of the facilities. Furthermore, the Province of Ontario has exceeded its initial funding commitment and has shown support for Windsor’s economic future. It is now time for the Federal Government to promptly resolve all outstanding financial matters, finalize the agreement, and eliminate the uncertainty and stalemate that threatens our economic future and ability to attract future job creators.

I appeal to every resident, business owner, community leader, and stakeholder in our region to sign the linked petition, which calls for the resumption of construction and the fulfillment of ALL promises made to date. Windsor, its residents, workers, and businesses deserve better. By adding your name, you will lend your voice, reaffirming our unwavering commitment to securing Windsor’s economic future and our pivotal role in Canada’s electric vehicle revolution. Together, as a united community, we can work towards making our collective voice heard.

I urge you to take action and sign the petition today that I have linked below. Let us stand together and ensure that Windsor receives the full benefits promised to us.

To sign the petition please click here: Petition · Protect Windsor’s EV Battery Manufacturing Facility and Economic Future ·