Well here we go again, right back to the start,
Too much close contact, just….when we thought we were smart.

We’d almost turned the corner on the latest variant out there,
When omicron came a callin’ – highly transmissible, and requiring great care.

Ares, the God of War, known for his heritage so Grecian,
He can’t even tame this bug, but he’s giving us a good Greek alphabet lesson!

The border had reopened, life was returning to normal,
No PCR test to come home, no need to be so formal.

Schools, once online, now – kids happily face-to-face,
Caesar’s Windsor reopened – many looking for that Jack and Ace.

No more line-ups at Costco or every other store,
All gyms reopen for the healthy – to exercise their cores.

Holiday travel plans – Florida a place in easy reach,
Two weeks in the sun sounds good – gimme a warm sandy beach!

But the euphoric short-lived nature of our four-leaf clover,
Quickly changed course and the ‘new normal’ was over.

New restrictions at the border are now just an illusion,
That could never slow this bug down, but are expensive and cause confusion.

Ontario moving back to a ‘modified Stage 2’,
Just tell me what I need to know, and somehow I’ll make it through.

Close all the gyms again, and no eating inside,
I’ll follow the rules, but boy, it’s getting harder to abide.

I don’t blame the Prime Minister or Premier Doug Ford,
They’re doing the best they can – with a public who’s ready to pull the cord.

We’re frustrated at following science and feeling no further ahead,
We’re frustrated at daily Covid counts that tell us the number who are dead.
We’re frustrated at anti-vaxers who won’t do their part,
We’re frustrated, quite frankly, at all the stops and starts.

Sometimes I’m not sure if we’re coming or going,
But I know it’s our own behaviour that we’ve reaped from our sowing.

We have the power to put an end to this strife,
So you can go on living – and get on with your life.

We Canadians pride ourselves in universal-healthcare,
The cost of a heart-attack or knee replacement won’t ever put you on welfare.

You’ll never see a bill for losing some of your abilities,
But the fractures caused by Covid have exposed our systems fragilities.

We can’t be as cavalier as our friends in the USA,
Whose lives have moved on while they live with Covid each and every day.

Hospital capacities are lower here, that part is very true,
Which is why restrictions are needed – to free up space in the ICU.

The Greek God of the Death was a man named Hades,
A special love for the unvaxed he has, no discretion for gentlemen or ladies.

He’s doing his part with Covid, and so too must we,
Be sensible my friends and do your best to follow the Provincial decree.

But as the calendar turns into my 50th year here,
Of one thing I’m certain – each day it becomes more clear.

Regardless of restrictions or mutations, animosity or strife,
Each of us needs to go on living this one beautiful life.

Get your boosters, see the world, enjoy your friends along the way,
Hug your family, kiss your mother, and play the part you’re born to play.

For Covid is but a speed-bump in this path paved of stone,
It does not control you – for your life – you do own.

It’s time to create more memories than what you see on the evening news,
Many ready to explode – lit daily by a Covid fuse.

Numbers so high that we’ve stopped keeping score,
Too many cases to report – only essential workers tested anymore.

“But I’m vaccinated more than once, you said I’d be safe,
In the science we trusted, in the science we put our faith!”

And as you speak those words, I see your smile turn upside down,
But remember, it’s that science that kept you from donning a hospital gown.

It was just a mild cough, it felt like the flu,
You isolated at home, and you’ve safely made it through.

Now it’s time to live your life, follow your dreams,
Reach for the sky, as hard as it seems.

Add colour to these many months of monochrome,
But remember – no more than five people inside your home.

Please be kind to one another – this time is harder on some than others,
Like restaurant owners who laid-off staff last week, all now seeking financial cover.

Or the guy who works at Chrysler – no work shall there be,
You see, there’s a chip-shortage that won’t fix itself until 2023.

The couple from Caesars laid-off for over 500 days,
The bank’s been on their case….for there’s a mortgage to be paid.

Mom fighting for bandwith as kids are online for school,
Washing machine broke down – six weeks for delivery is now the normal rule.

We’ve all got pressures and we’ve all got pain,
Highest inflation in 30-years is now our common refrain.

I wish I could tell you when this thing will end,
But, no one on earth has that answer my friend.

If you’re feeling somewhat hopeless, perhaps a little alone,
Send me an email or just pick up the phone.

I’m here to help you in anyway I can,
I asked for this job – you’re the reason I ran.

So let’s thank our healthcare heroes for all that they do,
Let’s do them a favour and get fully vaccinated too.

Let’s end this dilemma and global snafu,
So we can move forward and have a better 2022.

We need to move on and live sans Covid fear,
This is our time, and the vaccination pathway is clear.

So raise your wine or whiskey, your pop or your beer,
My fellow Windsorites, I wish you a Happy New Year!

Mayor Drew Dilkens
January 2022