Today the Province of Ontario released dramatic pandemic models that highlight how bad the public health situation is, and how much worse it will get. Worse still, the ability to control the spread, limit transmission and save lives is fully within our control – and data released by the Government indicates that not enough of us are following the important public health recommendations to bend the curve. After more than 10 months and now multiple vaccines in production, we cannot allow our desire for pre-pandemic normalcy to put our loved ones at risk, when the end is in sight. Failure to adhere to public health recommendations are leading to illness and death – that’s the simple truth. Today and every day until we are each vaccinated, represents an opportunity to get sick or transmit the virus. But it’s also an opportunity to do the right thing – limit your contacts; don’t mix households and always socially distance.

I fully support the new restrictions announced by Premier Ford and will be working with City Administration to ensure we are doing all we can to protect our staff and the public. The Provincial and Federal Governments have been forced to make some impossible decisions. Pandemic restrictions have already caused significant economic harm for families and small businesses in Windsor. Our hospitals are full, thousands of our neighbours have gotten sick and over 226 have now died. I’ve said many times before, no elected official seeks public office on a platform to shut down their community or set out to increase unemployment and hardship. But COVID-19 will not win. It is no match for the community spirit and resilience that I know resides here in Windsor. 

It is important that we take today’s news to heart. Families need to have the difficult conversations about missing holidays, birthday celebrations and other milestone events for just a few months longer. It is vital that we showcase an even greater level of commitment and resolve than we had back in April last year. Because with hard work, April this year will be the start of a much brighter spring.