April was National Poetry Month. We celebrated by posting videos and poems from our Poet Laureate team. They used poetry to talk about life experiences through the lens of COVID-19. Throughout the month, I found myself doing the same – reflecting on our incredible community response as I wrote out my own thoughts on the global pandemic, its impact across the globe, and what it has meant to me to lead during this unprecedented time. For me, poetry is about the human experiences – the highs and lows, the light-hearted moments and the poignant ones. Here, I’m sharing my thoughts in a piece I’ve titled: A Wonderfully Incredible Amazingly True Tale of COVID-19 from the Chair of the Mayor of the Biggest Little City in Canada.

My thanks goes out to JD Oppen and Lana Oppen for OMS Entertainment for their work on the video itself. And … to our community, which never fails to inspire and amaze me. #YQGStandsStrong