They’re efficient. Affordable. Convenient. Fun. There is a lot to like about e-scooters.

That’s why I asked administration to prepare a report that will go to the Environment, Transportation & Public Safety Standing Committee Jan. 22 recommending we join the Ontario Ministry of Transportation’s electric scooter pilot by updating our bylaws to allow these micro-mobility vehicles to operate within the City of Windsor.

The five-year provincial pilot took effect January 1, opening the door for e-scooters that meet the criteria outlined in the Highway Traffic Act (HTA) to operate within cities that have updated bylaws making their use legal on local roads.

Stand-up electric scooters will give our residents an alternative choice of transportation that simply ticks too many boxes to ignore:

– They are affordable, starting at about $500, sometimes even less on sale
– They are efficient, running on a rechargeable electric motor that in some models allow the rider to commute nearly 100 kilometres on a single charge
– They are lightweight and portable, ideal for short-distance travel
– They offer a low-cost and practical solution to the some of the challenges of climate change by promoting a cleaner form of transportation

Administration’s report outlines a practical framework for allowing these vehicles on our streets, and it even goes above the requirements of the HTA – by recommending they be prohibited from sidewalks and park trails and that helmets be worn by all riders, for instance – to better protect our residents.

This pilot gives residents more choice and a new way to get around. It also gives the city the opportunity to monitor the program and ensure we safely integrate e-scooters on our roadways.

-Mayor Drew Dilkens