Today we announced an exciting update for Windsor’s library system and our downtown core. The 21st century library is about technology and connectivity and the out-of-date, oversized building at 850 Ouellette Avenue doesn’t meet the needs of today, let alone tomorrow. Since the Facilities Plan was approved by Council in 2013 the Windsor Public Library has been on a path to ensure the long term sustainability of our library system, which includes the recently opened W.F. Chisholm Branch, the John Muir Branch which is currently under construction, and forthcoming renovations on the Budimir Branch. Re-sizing the central branch is the next step in this plan. That’s why when we were approached by the Downtown Mission with the opportunity to sell the building, we seized the offer. The WPL will now begin the process to determine the new location, as well as the appropriate size to accommodate the City’s needs and the technological advances that have been made since it opened in 1972. The Ouellette location has served us well and has played a key role in the WPL’s nearly 125 years of history. I look forward to the future of our library system as well as seeing the building transform into a new and important community asset.