Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet Cari Fairley. Cari teaches Grade 5 at F.W. Begley School in Windsor. For nearly 30 years, she has been a passionate and dedicated teacher. But Cari does much more than just teach. When she arrived at F.W. Begley 10 years ago she quickly identified a need amongst the students. She began a snack cafe in her classroom, using her own money, to ensure the students had plenty of nutritious snacks and were ready to learn. Cari then brought her concerns forward to her church family at Banwell Community Church, who have generously continued to support her initiative.

When I visited her classroom yesterday, it was clear how much Cari cares for her students, and that they feel the same way in return. Grade 5 is when students begin to learn about government, so they asked for an impromptu civics lesson, and then the class sang Happy Birthday to me in not one, but three different languages. I learned firsthand how Cari puts others first.  It is people like Cari who work silently and tirelessly to make Windsor better not for themselves, but for everyone else around them. I am honoured to recognize her as a Community Champion, and I hope her work continues to inspire others.

If you know someone who deserves to be recognized as a Community Champion please nominate them here.